Do you have a physical, emotional or mental issue or concern? Are you stuck in one way or the other? Have you ever thought about the emotional baggage you have accumulated throughout your life and are carrying around? It is quite possible that old, unprocessed emotions from your past may be responsible for your current symptoms. And I am not only talking about issues that date back to your youth or early childhood.

Emotions that get stuck in our system are not only from our first unrequited love, the appendectomy, the first defeat at school, the fight over a toy in kindergarten or a confrontation with our parents. Even in the early and supposedly safe time as an embryo we can absorb emotions from our parents or create our own first painful experiences for different reasons. The so-called Vanishing Twin Syndrome is a very common phenomenon, where the embryonic twin sibling “vanishes” at a very early stage mostly without being noticed. Of course, this early loss leads to a lasting imprint. The reasons of our problems can lie even further back in the past; as a matter of fact, we can carry unresolved issues from our ancestors in our personal energy system. This is the reason why we sometimes observe the same patterns in some family systems over generations: the father and the grandfather and the great-grandfather …  they all had this strange behavior or illness already. All these different reasons can make our life difficult in one way or another.

Emotions are part of our life. What would we be without them? However, they are literally embedded in our bodies in form of an “energy ball”, they affect the flow of our life energy (Ch’i) and cause long-term problems on different levels. We should learn to take the symptoms as a red flag: telling us there is something that wants to be brought into balance, something we tend to sweep under the table due to the requirements of daily life. However, our present situation and the quality of our life brings everything to light, our body is speaking out. It wants to be seen, it wants to be cured.

Test yourself: if your answer is YES to one or more of these questions, there are probably some underlying energetic imbalances that we can identify and release together. Do it for a better quality of life, for a greater zest for life!

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