• Problems with your little darling not sleeping in his own bed at night?
  • Is she afraid to stay in her room by herself?
  • Having problems of any kind in kindergarten? Refusing to go?
  • Is he wetting his pants or the bed and ashamed about it?
  • Is there noticeable pain in his knees, shoulder, elbow or back?
  • Do they suffer from extreme tantrums?
  • Are complaints like “I can’t do this” or “Nobody loves me” a daily routine?
  • Is your child overly shy or cautious?
  • Do they always have to be the center of attention?
  • Does your child stutter?
  • Does your child have difficulty focusing due to energy (ADHD)?
  • Are they finding it difficult to cope with a changing family- or life-situation?
  • Aren’t they able to overcome a traumatic experience?
  • Do they suffer from separation anxiety?
  • Does your child shy away at school due to nervousness or blush extensively?
  • Do they suffer from poor concentration, learning blocks or refuse school completely?
  • Does your child suffer from learning disabilities or exam anxiety?
  • Do they suffer from “Stage Fright” or extremely nervous before an oral presentation?
  • Are they suffering from panic attacks or phobias?
  • Is it hard for your child to remember or talk about what he had learned?
  • Have they suffered from a black-out-experience?
  • Does school put a lot of strain on the family atmosphere?
  • Is the first love plunging the whole family into chaos?

Do you want to assist your child in overcoming these patterns?
I am happy to assist you!

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