Welcome to what is probably my favorite “work”. Would you like to make your child’s life easier? The earlier we locate and release energetic imbalances, the easier life can be for your child. While in Mom’s womb, where babies are supposed to be protected, it’s possible that babies are unable to process emotions properly. These so-called trapped energies can result in different symptoms at different ages. Often, the baby absorbs emotions from its mother or father, for instance fear of birth or a dramatic situation in the family, like the death of a family member. What if there was a twin? It is possible for an embryo to lose its twin sibling during the first weeks of pregnancy, a fact that most pregnant women are unaware of. This is an experience with a dramatic effect on the surviving baby who usually stores emotions of guilt, failure, sadness or not being loved, etc. This can result in various symptoms in early childhood or adulthood. Sadly to say, in western medicine this so-called “Vanishing-Twin-Syndrom” is rarely taken care of. Furthermore complications during birth or today’s too common Caesarean delivery give an energetic imprint to the child that can show up sooner or later in emotional, mental or physical symptoms. And don’t forget: we not only inherit the color of our eyes or the form of our nose from our ancestors, but it’s possible we may inherit their emotional baggage. Sometimes this goes back over so many generations that no living relative can even tell us about it. But our subconscious mind can.

  • Is your baby crying a lot with no reason?
  • Is your baby keeping you going 24 hours a day or only sleep when you are cradling it in your arms?
  • Maybe there isn’t any of these symptoms, but you want make the extra effort to spoil your little darling knowing that you are investing into his future?
  • In any case, you will be surprised to see, how much emotional baggage can be released at this early stage of life.

With all my heart I would love to assist you and your baby.

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