“We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we have borrowed it from our children”.

For me, this old Indian proverb is motivation and inspiration at the same time. I deeply wish to make this world a better place, together with you, for ourselves and for our children. If we manage to change ourselves, we change the world. If we as individuals are in peace, the world is in peace. If we as individuals are in love, there is nothing but love around us. Can you imagine living in such a world? Looking at today’s world makes it rather difficult to get into the spirit of such a world. Nevertheless, I am convinced that it is absolutely worth it to focus on a world in love and peace.

Our responsibility as parents is to pave the way for our children. Herewith I do not mean that we should determine their lives or release them from responsibility. On the contrary: I want to support them in finding and achieving their unique and extraordinary paths. To strengthen them in a way that they dare to do so. The earlier we help them to release energetic imbalances or blockages, the sooner our kids will be able to make contact with themselves, to truly feel themselves. This will enable them to live and make decisions out of the fullness of their heart. Thus, they will be happy, empathic, self-confident and self-conscious individuals, who will naturally overcome old patterns of competition by living in harmony and peace. In my eyes, this is exactly what the world needs in order to save Mother Earth and to make life worth living again.

Together with you, I would love to assist your baby in all stages, during your pregnancy, directly after birth and during their childhood or youth. Are you ready?


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