The Body Code – and thus the Emotion Code – is the energetic method I use most of the time to adress all sorts of problems. There are two reasons for this: Bradley Nelson, in my opinion, has really succeeded in developing a simple cause-based system in which, in addition to his discovery of the heart wall, he has brought together the most important elements of many other energetic methods. In addition, my clients feel an above-average success in coping with their topics and are simply thrilled with the simplicity. Simplicity in the double sense: in getting rid of the emotional baggage as well as in the fact that we can do this in remote sessions.

The Body Code is the mother system of the Emotion Code, because there are a number of other reasons for physical and/or psychic problems besides trapped emotions. The basis of the Body Code is the fact that health and well-being is a question of balance in the following 6 categories:

  • Energies – in addition to trapped emotions and the heart wall, in this area we find allergies, inflammations, mental beliefs and even energies known from Shamanic methods such as curses
  • Circuits/Systems – the beauty of the Body Code is the ability to locate imbalances within Organs, Glands and Systems. Some of these systems like the immunsystem or acupuncture meridians can malfunction as well as chakras. In this category we also find communication disorders that can lead to morning sickness.
  • Toxins – they come in many forms from many sources like heavy metals, stress hormones or electromagnetic waves
  • Pathogens – microscopic bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold and fungal spores can hide within us
  • Misalignments – Structural displacements of bones or intervertebral discs, but also of glands or organs, mostly due to embedded emotions
  • Nutrition/Lifestyle – Deficiencies in sleep, color, foods, herbs or nutrients can cause major problems for the body

By means of the Body Code, imbalances in these areas can be detected quickly and released effectively. As a result, the self-healing powers are activated, which in turn leads to more health and well-being.

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