I have a gecko-story to share: for years I havn’t been able to think of a gecko without holding my breath and even trembling. Already the idea of facing a gecko somewhere made me panic. When I was a little girl, I had indeed a gecko-experience in Thailand that frightened me terribly at that time. Before I met Heike, I had never dealt with energy work and muscle testing was completely unknown to me. I was just curious. Directly after Heike had released only three (!) unprocessed emotions that apparently got stuck when this gecko terrified me, I was able to think of this experience without any trembling or feelings of panic. Actually, I felt just a bit uneasy because it felt so amazingly different. Since this was like magic to me, I decided to verify this and a week later I went to the zoo to check out my real feelings. It blew my mind! How sweet they are, these tiny pretty geckos!”
Kitty, 16 years, Munich.