I am very grateful for every single concept of energetic psychology and for having had the opportunity to learn different approaches. The most important for me were the following:

  • Emotion Code and Body Code by Bradley Nelson
  • ThetaHealing® nach Vianna Stibal
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) by Gary Craig
  • Shamanic Healing by Alberto Villoldo (The Four Winds)
  • New Homeopathy by Erich Körbler
  • Psych-K by Robert M. Williams
  • Quantum Entrainment by Frank Kinslow
  • Katathym-Imaginative Psychotherapy
  • Gestalt-Therapy
  • Familiy Constellation by Bert Hellinger
  • Touch for Health by John Tie, based on the
    Applied Kinesiology by George Goodheart
  • Touch of Oneness by Petra Schneider