Energy medicine is a branch of the complementary medicine that aims at identifying and balancing the causes of individual imbalances. Energy medicine is based on a holistic approach. If we manage to restore the disturbed balances at the source, we activate our self-healing forces and our body, mind and soul are able to heal.

The holistic approach of energy medicine implies the importance of the psychological component. Emotional balance is the basis of sustainable health. We all know the sayings “he drives me crazy” or “I am sick of…” or “she upsets my stomach”. Every once in a while, we all quote such a saying without being aware of the deeper meaning of it. Anyhow, at the source of most physical symptoms or illnesses, there are suppressed, trapped emotions or energies that play at least a partial role.

The holistic contemplation of human beings is based on the interaction between the material, visible parts of our body –  the cells –  with the ethereal parts, that for most of us are invisible. We can see and touch a kidney, but how can we perceive an emotion that goes straight to our kidneys? We can see the bloodstream that transports oxygen and nutrients, but can we see the meridians that deliver energy as well, as we know from the Traditional Chinese Medicine and from the Acupuncture System? As long as energy is flowing in both systems, the visible and the invisible one, and as long as we are well-fed with energy, we are feeling good and we are healthy. If there is a blockage or disruption in the flow of energy over a longer period of time, certain regions of our body get too much or too less energy and physical symptoms start showing up.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it”. This is how Albert Einstein summed up modern Physics. There is nothing but energy and every energy has its specific frequency. And everything means everything: matter or mind, thoughts or emotions, a living organism or a stone. Today we know that organs have their specific frequency as well. A healthy liver has another frequency than an imbalanced liver. And this imbalance can be caused by different reasons: a liver problem may be caused by too much alcohol, but it might as well be caused by an emotion of anger that was not processed properly and got stuck in the system. Persistent changes of frequency therefore lead to changes in matter, in the body.

Sometimes, we show reactions that we do not understand ourselves. We know, that it is not worth to reacting with anger or jealousy, but in spite of all that knowledge we are victims of a program that starts as if a button was pushed. We are unable to react adequately because of unhealthy belief systems or stress-loaded cell memories have led to a disturbance of the energy system. This imbalance prevents relaxed and adequate thinking, feeling and doing at any given moment. This is why one person keeps completely calm and relaxed in a specific situation, observing without judging, whereas another person bursts with anger in the same situation and a third one is crying out of sadness. Actually, we can compare the reasons for our reaction patterns with the picture of an iceberg. Our conscious mind is like the tip of the iceberg, whereas the larger part of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are controlled by our subconscious mind, where every single program and experience of our past is stored.

If emotional balance is the base for our health and emotions are mostly controlled by our subconscious mind, the key to our personal evolution and to harmony with everything that is, lies in identifying these emotions that – together with the corresponding experiences – are deeply buried in the subconscious. We are lucky to live in an age, where different methods and tools have been developed that build the bridge to our sub-consciousness. Thus we can heal even the most suppressed experiences without the need to go through the pain of it again.

Orthodox medicine has been using energies for a long time for diagnostics, in order to show processes or divergent states, as for example in ECG, EEG, X-rays, etc. Reliable therapies as the magnet resonance therapy belong to the category of energy medicine as well. In this case energy is sent as an impulse directly to the body. Furthermore, there are highly developed systems, which – by means of a target-performance-comparison of frequencies – do not diagnose in the body, but in the information field of the body and that is where they treat as well by sending a stimulus through the quantum field. Distance does not play a role at all. The transfer of information goes even to the other end of the world.

On the one side, I am deeply fascinated by the complexity of these modern high-tech devices. On the other side, I am even more fascinated by the human being. We are very complex beings and created in a way, that we are able to heal ourselves with the help of simple tools, from man to man, either in a physical office or over enormous distances. We just have to find the energetic imbalances and their causes, release them and thus stimulate our body, mind and/or soul to recover themselves. Whether with or without high-tech tolls, the success lies in identifying the reason of the manifested imbalance. Let us understand that every symptom has a message and let us follow the path to the root! Let us understand, that on the long term, it does not help us at all to get rid of a symptom, but that the body wants to serve us on our individual way to our singularity.

We are living in a very exciting age. The alliance of science and spirituality will lead us to a new insight of medicine that will be revolutionary!

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