How to get in contact?
If what you have read on my website resonates with you, feel free to contact me any time via this hyperlinked contact form. If you wish to get to know me before booking a session, choose this option and let me know, how and when I can get in contact with you. If you are living outside Germany please let me know your skype-ID and the time frame of your availability in your time zone. There is no obligation for you. When you feel comfortable, we will then schedule a first session.

How to schedule appointments?
If you’re already sure that you want to schedule an appointment, please tell me what days and timeframes are convenient for you and whether you want a session over the phone, over skype or by email. I will send you 3 appointment-options you can choose from.

Are there any issues that can be released within one single session?
Yes, there are. In my experience, one single session can be enough, providing it is about one single specific situation where some emotions got stuck in the system and was not completely traumatizing. I once had a client, who had developed a phobia regarding geckos many years earlier due to a specific shocking situation in her childhood. We were able to release this phobia within minutes.

Are there any possible indications as to the number of sessions that might be needed?
We all are individual beings with our own personal story of life, it is not possible to predict the number of sessions that you might need. Sometimes a blockage may dissappear within 2 to 3 sessions, sometimes it takes 5 or even many more. Of course, this depends mostly on how many energies got stuck in your system during your life and how much emotional baggage you may have already released with the help of other therapies. It is quite possible, that in the beginning we are working on a physical pain and once you realize that this pain is no longer there, you might fall in love with the Emotion Code, just as I did. In this case, you might want to continue the work on other issues in order to become who you really are supposed to be, a delightful, joyful and loving human being.

Is it possible that babies already have a heart-wall?
Yes, it is.  And the earlier this heart-wall is released, the better for your child and of course for yourself !

Do we have to talk about details of a specific experience?
No, usually we do not have to talk about details. The Emotion Code deeply respects your privacy. Sometimes your subconscious wants us to know at what age or in which context an emotion was not fully processed just to make sure that you do not mix it up with another memory. The Emotion Code is a tool to bring up trapped energies that are ready to be healed. Therefore, we do not have to dig deeply. On the other hand, if you wish to talk about a special experience, you are very welcome to do so. Discretion is assured!

Do you have to relive the pain of a traumatizing experience?
Usually, you do not. Once, the issue is identified, your subconscious tells us which trapped emotions or energies can be released right then. The Emotion Code is the gentlest psycho-energetic tool that I know, especially for the release of traumatic experiences.

How quickly can you feel a difference?
Sometimes you can instantly feel a big relief, as if a load is taken off your shoulders. Sometimes it takes hours, days or weeks to feel the big difference. Again, it depends on your personal life story with all your experiences and emotional baggage.

How much time should you reserve for a session?
The length of a session is determined by your subsonscious mind. An average session takes around 50 minutes. Sometimes your subconscious stops us earlier because your system needs some time to integrate the changes before we move on. Sometimes a session can take a little longer. I only act as an interpreter between your subconscious and your conscious mind. We are led to what and how much we can release in each session by your subconscious mind. It even tells us how many days of processing you need before we can continue our work. I recommend to reserve a time frame of at least 90 minutes for a session.

Ready to give it a try?
In this case, I invite you to contact me via the contact form. I am looking forward to being of service to you!

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