How do we get in contact?
If you feel addressed, please fill out the contact form and send it to me. Since I spend most of my time on the phone, it is not a good idea to call me. You also have the possibility to talk to me before booking a session. Please select “other” in the form and indicate when and how I can best reach you. You are under no obligation whatsoever. Only if the chemistry between us is right, we will arrange a first session date.

What is the fastest way to make an appointment?
The fastest way to make an appointment is directly through the contact form. Please let me know if you would like a phone or Zoom session and also name your preferred days and time frames. The same applies if you want to book an initial appointment of a whole session package. After receiving your appointment request, I will get back to you promptly with 2-3 appointment proposals.

How much time should you allow for an appointment?
A session usually lasts about 1 hour. My goal is to work as effectively as possible and to solve a lot. However, in this process I am only the one who communicates with your subconscious. I am more or less the interpreter between your subconscious and your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind shows us the way, what and how much can and may be solved at any given time. We also test out how much time you need to process before a follow-up session can take place. I strongly recommend that you choose a session time frame where you have at least 90 minutes to allow the session to have a resting effect.

Are there issues that can be worked on and resolved in just one session?
Yes, there certainly are. In my experience, one session is sufficient if it is a very specific, but not completely traumatizing, experience in which a few emotions have not been processed. For example, I once had a client who had developed a phobia of geckos due to a specific experience in her childhood, which we were able to resolve within just a few minutes.

Are there any other empirical values regarding the number of sessions?
Since we are all individuals with a very personal life story, no exact predictions can be made. Sometimes a blockage requires 2 to 3 appointments to be sustainably resolved, sometimes it is 5 or more. Of course, this depends mainly on how emotionally charged your life has been so far and how much emotional ballast you may have already released through self-work or other coaching methods. It may well be that we work together on one topic in the beginning and that you – as soon as you feel the success – want to continue working on other topics, simply in order to finally become yourself, beyond all role models: a light-filled, joyful and loving human being.

Do you have to relive painful experiences in depth?
Usually not. As soon as the topic is named and your subconscious releases the stored emotions and other imbalances, I will release them from your system. The Emotion and Body Code is the most gentle psycho-energetic method I know, especially as to painful experiences.

How quickly do I see an effect?
Sometimes you can already feel an immediate relief during the session, as if a stone falls from your heart. Sometimes the success shows up only after a few hours, days, weeks or even several sessions. It all depends on your personal life story, your experiences and your emotional baggage.

Do you have further questions?
Do you have further questions? Then I invite you to send me your message via the contact form.

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