Even a single session can enrich your life. At the beginning of the session we discuss your desire for change and directly afterwards we release your blockages. This can be stressful emotions or memories that hinder you in your growth, or even a belief system.

  • Get-to-know-session by phone/zoom of 30 minutes    » € 70,00
  • Individual session by phone/zoom of 60 minutes       » € 140,00

Often it is helpful to book a whole session package. Thus, you stay on track and don’t let pass too much time between the appointments. In this case I recommend sessions in a 2-week rhythm, so that you really reach your goal.

  • Session package with 3 single sessions        » € 405,00
    (€ 135,–/session, applicable within 2 months)
  • Session package with 5 single sessions        » € 650,00
    (€ 130,–/session, applicable within 3 months)
  • Session package with 7 single sessions        » € 875,00
    (€ 125,–/session, applicable within 5 months)

To make an appointment, please use the contact form here. Please let me know your preferred days and possible time frames. The same applies if you want to book an initial appointment for a whole session package. After receiving your appointment request, I will get back to you with 2-3 appointment proposals.

These offers are valid from February 1st, 2021.

Note: Energetic sessions serve to activate the self-healing powers. They are not a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment.