“This is how my story began: in a laundry. I was waiting for my clothes and poked around the flyers … and all of a sudden, I had it in my hands: emotion-key. What is that? There was no photo on the flyer, a fact that usually irritates me a little … I want to see the people who I might ask for support … and I am rarely fooled, basically never. I got home and went to this website. When I saw the picture of Heike there was nothing but sympathy. By now I know that it was the love and gratitude that I could see in Heike’s eyes.

At that time, I had immense back pain, I suffered from severe headache and pain in the upper arm and shoulder area – in short, I was a complete bundle of pain. Emotionally I felt completely unloved, I thought that everything I did was wrong and that anybody could take advantage of me. I got excited about almost everything – briefly: “to be in balance” feels completely different.

Heike was listening empathetically, she understood my issues and was explaining the correlations in a loving way. Emotion-key fitted into the door lock of my personal journey. It was very interesting to find out the reasons that caused these pains, and that these imbalances were instantly released, without me being present, just by email-sessions. I am so happy that I can put my socks on without tears coming to my eyes any longer. Some months ago, it took me an eternity to get into a car – finally there a new question arose – how do I get out of it? Daily life is of a complete new quality. There is so much joy. To throw my arm into the air – for whatever reason – is just great!

Thanks to Heike’s wonderful support I came through this challenging time. It was not an easy journey and it took some time. I must admit that it was not always without pain, physically and emotionally – but I always felt safe. Today, when I lie in bed at night, I am filled with so much gratitude and love that I never knew before. Recently I was asked: what is happiness? And I said: when I get up in the morning and I feel good, look forward to the day, am filled with love for everybody and everything … you can not describe it, but if you experience it – if only for a moment, then you know: you have arrived! “

Ingrid, 53 years.