I want to warmly welcome you to my virtual practice !

Can you imagine yourself lying on the sofa in your home while we are working together over the phone on one of your issues? Can you picture sleeping in your bed while I am doing work for you remotely? It does not matter whether it is about a physical, emotional or mental issue. Whether you have pain in your knee or back, whether you suffer from migraines or acrophobia, whether your’re stuck in the pain of a divorce or in a mental believe system such as “I am not worth it”. The purpose of energy-work is to identify and release energetic imbalances. These are the underlying reasons for physical and emotional blocks that keep you from activating your self-healing forces. This is especially true when it comes to physical symptoms, you can usually experience an improvement within a few sessions, once the energetic block is released.

There is no need to travel to the lovely countryside in Southern Germany. You can stay in your familiar surroundings in whatever country you live. We simply establish an energetic connection and work together on the priority issue of the day. When there is a big time zone difference that makes it difficult to find a common spot during day time, I suggest you allow me to work on you while you are asleep. A session usually takes about 50 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes a little longer. It is your subconscious that leads us through the process and determines the duration of the session. Perhaps the session isn’t about you? Is your baby crying without any evident reason? Does your child suffer from a lack of concentration at school, from fear of failure or have exam anxiety? I can be of service to you and your loved ones in these cases as well.

Welcome to the age of energy! The whole universe is made of energy and for this reason all living beings on our wonderful planet are interacting energetically. The question is whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. It is your decision: when you are ready, we meet in this quantum space, make a conscious connection and one by one, release the issues that bother you. Getting rid of emotional baggage is the key to raising your quality of life, to put it briefly: a healing-key.

Still not sure this works? I would be more than happy to stir up your curiosity so you’ll give it a try. Why not open yourself up to the fantastic possibilities of our age, where science meets spirituality?  I am looking forward to hearing from you and to be of service to you on your personal journey.

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