After many happy years as a mother and housewife, I finally wanted to get back into professional life. I made several courses and seminars in order to prepare myself. At the first seminar I was so nervous that I could barely introduce myself. I stumbled and was afraid to forget what I wanted to say. So I took some notes. The next time, when it was my turn to talk, my hands were shaking so much that I could not read my notes. At this time, I decided to take a coaching with Heike. What a difference! Gone are the nervousness, the trembling, sweating and stumbling. I no longer have to put the words together in advance. When it’s my turn to talk, it’s my turn, and it feels like a simple conversation with friends. I have more self-confidence than I ever had and I really look forward to get back to work”.
Birgit, 49 years, Augsburg.

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