“In one of my first distance-sessions, Heike checked whether I had a heartwall that kept me from living from my heart. It took us four sessions to release it. I was really amazed to see how many emotions from all different periods of life were not processed. Some of them were from my early childhood, even from the time when I was a baby in mom’s womb, some were inherited emotions that have been passed down through five generations. We also identified trapped emotions from my youth, and many came from the years of my marriage and from the period of divorce that is now six years ago. By now, I can understand that this wall was formed by my subconscious mind to protect me from further injury and I am even grateful retrospectively. But I also understand that this wall kept me from a vibrant life and was responsible that I could hardly send or receive intensive feelings from my heart. Now the heartwall is gone, I feel like I can breathe more freely. Somehow I have a lot more confidence that life is not over for me yet. I am getting ready for a new loving and caring relationship that I have not been able to imagine for a long time. I did not want anybody to get too close to me. I am very excited…”
Conny, 53 Jahre, Munich.