If you are not sure whether to book a session yet, why not get to know me during a first no obligation phonecall? Of course you can also request an appointment right away. Either way, you have the choice between the following different session options: 

Phone- or Skype-session:
I will call you at the pre-arranged time: in Germany on your landline or via Skype, if you live abroad via Skype. Once you have given me the symptoms you would like me to work on, I will identify and release the energetic imbalances that are causing your discomfort. Although I am working with your subconscious that leads us through the process, you have the opportunity to ask questions or to influence the session by giving me feedback.

You give me an overview as to your issues and symptoms via email. It is important that you evaluate your symptoms (physically, emotionally and/or mentally) on a stress scale of 0-10, with 0 being no pain or stress at all and 10 corresponding  to the highest stress level possible. I will then work on the symptoms as a proxy for you and send you the results afterwards per email. Over the next few days you will observe yourself and your symptoms, update your stress values that you send to me and the whole procedure can start over. Thus you can document your progress, a fact that promotes your healing process accordingly. Of course we can also talk personally between the sessions if you want. This session-type is frequently chosen by full-time professionals.

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