“It was not the first time that I was suffering from a bladder infection. Some months ago, I was even taken to the hospital because of a cystitis. The burning and the pain was terrible. I called Heike to ask if she could possibly do something for me from the distance. Only a few hours after the remote-session, the pain was almost gone. And the next morning, there were no more bacteria to prove. Awesome! And I did not have to do anything. As I lay on my bed , Heike released different trapped emotions out of my system and she was more than 100 km away! After the session, we talked briefly and I learned what energetic imbalances have been released. It was interesting to see the connection between the bladder and fear although it was not only fear that showed up. About 3 months later, I had the feeling that another bladder infection was about to show up. So I asked Heike right at this early stage for a session. I was more than happy that the impending pain could be prevented in this way. Again, it was fascinating to see which trapped emotions were identified and could be released”.
Lulu, 20 years, Munich.