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The Emotion Code is, if you like, the heart of the Body Code, since most of our problems are caused by unprocessed emotions, which then lead to energy blockages and discomfort. The Body Code is like a superior system, with the help of which further energetic imbalances in our body-soul-mind-system can be detected and released.

The idea:
The intention of this method, having been developed and applied in more than 20 years of practice, is to identify and release emotional baggage that reduces our quality of life through different forms of manifestation. Old un-processed emotions of the past tend to get stuck in our body like an energy ball, thus influence the flow of living energy (“Ch’i”) and often lead to physical, emotional or mental problems. Sometimes we instantly realize when these emotions are not processed properly, literally when we say “you make me sick”. But very often we forget these experiences of our past or – for reasons of self-protection – suppress them together with the related emotions. Even issues that our ancestors were not able to cope with can go right into our energy field already at the time of our conception. Thanks to the Emotion Code we can even identify and release these emotions that may go back over many generations and may leave an imprint on us.

The method:
The Emotion Code uses muscle testing, known as Applied Kinesiology or human kinetics, to communicate with the subconscious of a client in order to find trapped emotions or other information being the reason for a certain problem. These energies are then released by the use of a magnet. You may ask yourself, how this works if we “only” meet in Quantum space. I can assure you: it works. First we build up an energetic connection, then I test myself in my quality as a proxy for you and identify and release whatever shows up concerning a certain issue or symptom. You will feel it, sometimes right during our session or directly afterwards. Sometimes however, it might take more time:  working on issues with a heavy load of emotions or many underlying reasons may need more sessions and more time until you feel the difference. It is comparable with the peeling of an onion, layer after layer we release whatever your subconscious mind allows to be released at one time.

The speciality:
The most spectacular discovery of Bradley Nelson is the one of the “heart-wall”. A heart-wall is built by our subconsciousness in order to protect us. Typically it is made of trapped energies, mostly emotions that are “residing” in our energetic system. Certainly, there is a special reason, why this heart-wall has been built, but keeping it in the long run it may cause all different forms of physical or emotional problems. You can compare it to a bunker: in the moment of a strike it is of inestimable value to protect one’s life, but would you really like to live your whole life in a bunker? Identifying and releasing a heart-wall is an essential part of an Emotion Code-session. Even babies and animals can have a heart-wall. The earlier a heart-wall is detected and released, the more comfortable life is for this being and for everybody belonging to this family system.

Further information:
Bradley Nelson explains his method in great detail in his book “The Emotion Code” that has been translated into different languages.

Quote from Bradley Nelson:
“The Emotion Code is destined to change the world, one person at a time. By releasing people’s emotional baggage and by opening their hearts, we can truly make a difference in the lives of many and make this world a better place”.

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